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Today is the big day and all anyone can seem to talk about (apart from the credit crunch and Kerry Katona slurring her words on This Morning) is the US Presidential race. It’s all policies, plumbers and Saturday Night Live, but fresh from the revelation that Sarah Palin might have had her lipliner tattooed on, […]

If the HAT fits…

With Halloween just around the corner, thoughts have started to turn to fancy dress. Obviously. Neither has it escaped notice that quite a few current ‘fashion’ trends are merely permutations of traditional fancy dress themes, particularly evident when one takes a look at our 21st century bright young things – the Hip And Trendies, or ‘HATs’ […]

Tips to Beat the Credit Crunch #1

This cursed credit crunch is a source of some serious woe for me (“The weather’s terrible! Must be the credit crunch”; “I can’t be bothered to go for a run! Blame it on the credit crunch”; “I’m late for work! Thanks, credit crunch” etc). In these credit crunchy times, I struggle to find interesting things […]

Felicity Hilton de Jour???

Hello hello, I am Felicity – variously known as Flea, Flick, Flicko, Wee-Wee and, somewhat unfortunately, Titty (minds out of the gutter, people – she’s a character from ‘Swallows & Amazons’). Perhaps I shall style myself as a cross between Perez Hilton and Belle de Jour, only less bitchy and definitely much less saucy. Like […]