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Monday morning

A foggy, cold Monday morning in London today and the Waterloo and City line was packed with Gore-Tex ski-jackets. A tourist may have been forgiven for thinking he/she was in Chamonix rather than on a commuter train full of people in the financial services industry! Today is start of London Fashion Week. Maybe some of […]

Spring Clean

The web team over at Indigo-2 have been giving the Indigo Clothing site a bit of a Spring clean recently. The catalogue design was four years old and whilst it worked and looked nice, I decided it was time that everything was given a facelift. Not all the changes are in place yet, this is […]

Has to be bespoke

CityAM, the free London financial newspaper, that is jammed in ones face most mornings by an over-zealous, anoraked vendor at every tube and rail station in this city, has a good article about bespoke suits. I agree with the author that these are special items and once you have had a bespoke suit, going back […]

Blue Beanie Day

Monday, November 26th, 2007 has been dubbed ‘Blue Beanie Day’ by Douglas Vos over at Facebook’s ‘Designing with Web Standards‘. The idea is that web geeks who support the idea of websites being designed to the protocols, laid out by the W3C, and evangelised by a gentleman called Jeffrey Zeldman, wear a blue beanie, take […]

Alex is in California

I’m just leaving for California, travelling down from San Francisco to Los Angeles from 5th to 14th November, meeting with our US clients and suppliers, specifically WordPress, whose online merchandise store we launched worldwide this summer (read more here). Jo is ably running the Indigo office in London with the rest of the Indigo team. […]

The White Shirt

The white shirt, a timeless classic as far as modern clothing is concerned, and whilst the quotes below from the Financial Times (that well known fashion publication) are a few years old there is still so much truth in them: “A few years ago white shirts were associated with uniforms, and so pale blue and […]

Past two weeks

So what have we been up to in June? Why has the blog been so sparse on quality updates? Well… We’ve been at FESPA ’07 in Berlin looking at the latest printing hardware and listening to Scott Fresener plug T-Jet (oh, and drinking Continental’s free beer). We’ve been looking at new offices in preparation for […]