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Innocent Hats

Every winter, Innocent, one of Indigo’s clients, raise money for charities that help elderly people stay warm during the winter by having a ‘Supergran’ knitting contest. They knit lots of little woolly hats and stick them on their smoothie bottles. For each behatted bottle sold, 50p is donated to their chosen charity Age Concern. Their […]

Is the growth of green really that good for the t-shirt business?

The ethical consumerism bandwagon is more like a bullet train than a trundling horse-drawn cart, driving through more and more industries, and textiles is no exception. Many will see this as a move in the right direction – the knowledge that a little under one fortieth (2.4%) of the world’s arable land is planted with […]

Recycled Promotional Merchandise

We have been helping Camden Council (London) with their request for recycled promotional merchandise. We are keen to be more green and introduced organic cotton clothing last summer. We can now offer things likes recyled mugs, pens, mousemats, etc. at competitive prices. Check out our mini-site at and if there is anything that takes […]

T-Shirt Reconstruction

Don’t know what to do with that corporate giveaway t-shirt that you were given when you joined your gym? Well apparently the new buzz in fashion circles is about “T-Shirt Reconstruction“. Luckily, ReadyMade have a great little post explaining all which I have republished in part here: It seems that t-shirt reconstruction has become the […]