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I heart my Moustache

It’s Movember and in the world of facial hair, it’s difficult to compete against the simple, sculpted charm of the moustache! Adding contours to the upper lip, the moustache is the mark of a man who is artistically adept with even the sharpest of razors. From the ‘Fu Manchu’: (a full tache that tapers down […]

Holy Moly! It’s kitsch for Christ!

Bake sales, barn-dancing, singing along to Songs of Praise, bellringing and wearing a Sunday hat are all synonymous with the modern view of Christianity, and to be honest, it’s a shame that after all of Jesus’s effort the representation of Christianity has become equivalent to a slice of quiche made by one of the old […]

Gnome Sweet Gnome

The bearded, pipe smoking, pointy hat wearing garden gnome has been a fully-fledged member of the botanical scene for years. Apparently, this iconic creature of folklore legend lived under toadstools amongst fairies. Famous for their hunched backs and generally deformed appearance, our medieval ancestors commonly believed that they were lead by King Gob, the ruler […]

Sex and the City!

The 28th May 2008 was a date that’d been in in my diary for some time. After never missing a single episode, and watching continuous repeats in DVD, the SATC movie was a major must see! In a rumoured 300 costume changes in 148 minutes, the ever stylish Ms Bradshaw also dons a one-colour printed […]

Real Man!

Us girls in the office do tend to bore the men with fake tan, gossip and frocks, so to keep the testosterone balance, we have our alpha male of the office, Stephan! He is often quoted as saying the things he does/eats/wears/watches are ‘real man sh*t’! I couldn’t help notice a  fellow holidaymaker at Gatwick […]

Firefox 3 T-Shirt Design Competition

After telling you about the LSE t-shirt competition, we have found another one, this time to promote Firefox 3, the new browser from Mozilla, the makers of the open source rival browser to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Top prize wins: Worldwide recognition for designing the official Firefox 3 T-Shirt featured in the Mozilla Store. A free […]

LSE T-Shirt Competition

London School of Economics (LSE), where our very own Ed Mitala (Indigo accounts guru) studies, has a t-shirt design competition and the winning design wins a £100 and gets to see their design sold in the Union shop. I assume the competition is only open to LSE students but this is a great idea and […]

Pancake Day

What do people like on their pancakes? We thought about this after Darsh mentioned on the phone last night she likes peanut butter, ice-cream and dolly mixtures?! So here are our favs:  Jo – Old skool lemon and sugar. Steph (alpha male) – Protein shake added to batter mix! Lizi – Grated milk and white […]