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    Travelling back from our ‘work outing’ in Nottingham this Sunday without my usual trashy girls mags, I was forced to read Stephan’s ‘boys’ publications, Men’s Health and Front. Amongst other facts for the lads, I came across this picture of Matt Helders, of Arctic Monkeys, wearing a t-shirt about CMYK colours! A similar shirt […]

Hundreds of T-Shirts

I saw this t-shirt book when I was out wandering around Shoreditch with Matt, Indigo’s inhouse web developer, whilst on the ‘Shoot Shoreditch’ photo competition, on a sunny day in late August in East London. I thought it was rather relevant and the book looked quite good, but in the end I refrained from buying […]


We seem to have been through many nicknames for each other in the office. Pauline, Eskimo, Sainsburys, Sandy, Row-Row, Porkchop… just to name a few, ….. however none have been as fantastic as Alex’s new nickname of ‘The Wildcat’. Whilst this sounds like the name of a crazy kinda kid, according the Wikipedia, a Wildcat […]


I have been meaning to write this post for sometime, but it was not until Gerard Butler’s face, fixed in battle cry as Leonidas, whizzed by me on the side of a 337 red London bus last night, did I remember that I had yet to do so: A few weeks ago Jeremy and I […]

Oldest Blogger?

We blog because we like to tell you what is going on at Indigo, to share the snippets of information we garner from the web and to feature the work of our friends and clients. Olive, from Australia, who is 107 years old, blogs because her friend Mike thinks she has a great story to […]