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Socks Appeal

Once upon a time, everyone used to get socks for Christmas, and everyone used to give socks for Christmas. Christmas became synonymous with ‘socks’ and because of this the sock ended up getting a bad reputation. Christmas gifts were too predictable, people were getting bored. Their toes might have been warm, but there was no […]

Everything is Awesome

I understand that there’s a point in life when you really shouldn’t be reading children’s literature, but Dallas Clayton’s ‘An Awesome Book’ is so….erm….awesome, that I’d be happy to see sharp business men and brain surgeons alike carrying a copy proudly under their arm, and reading it whilst they commute to work/stop for a coffee/wait […]

Harvard Yard: academia finds fashion

As the majority of the student population begin the academic year in an oversized hoody and those mouldy old flip-flops left over from Summer, the brainboxes at Harvard University have turned their academic wisdom to the fashion scene. No, it’s not the students who’ve been busy designing a new, preppy, overpriced brand: it’s the University […]

Hello Cupcake!

It’s official, the smallest cakes of the world have their own national week of commemoration and general recognition, or maybe it’s just a great chance to gorge on cupcakes for a week without feeling bad? Know which approach I’d rather take. However, in an effort to become a cupcake master of skill and artistry I […]

Faith, hope & gaffertape

From: Faith, hope & gaffertape Sent: 19 August 2009 11:15 To: Jo Myronidis Cc: Eleni Panayis Subject: Thank you Dear Jo, Eleni and all at Indigo, We just wanted to e-mail to say a huge thank you for our hoodies. They¬†are absolutely perfect and the young people on our theatre event loved them. In fact, […]

Twitter gets bigger

Being a bit of a techno-phobe, Twitter has been one of those things that everybody is using but I don’t really understand. Over the past few months I’ve been hearing a lot about tweets, but they’ve still largely remained to me the sounds made by small garden birds in summer months. Today however, I have […]

Contract IT work for Indigo Clothing

My name is Matthew Setter and during last week I had the pleasure of providing contract IT (website development) services for Indigo Clothing. Through Roome Consulting, I was put in touch with Alex at Indigo. Over the course of the 29th – 31st of July, I updated and enhanced the technology in the company’s online […]