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Twitter gets bigger

Being a bit of a techno-phobe, Twitter has been one of those things that everybody is using but I don’t really understand. Over the past few months I’ve been hearing a lot about tweets, but they’ve still largely remained to me the sounds made by small garden birds in summer months. Today however, I have […]

PASTE a tee onto a tee

Here’s something I’ve not seen before. They say that ingenuity is in simplicity and this t-shirt design by Brooklyn based PASTE is simplicity at it’s most ingenious, or is it? Here Paste’s graphic artist Jason Laurits has designed a t-shirt featuring nothing but a sketch of a…..t-shirt……yes, you heard correctly, on the front. Despite its […]

Klimt, Spock and Kissing

When Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt painted his iconic work, “The Kiss” in the Vienna Art Nouveau movement, I’d chance it to guess that he wasn’t anticipating that Oddica artist Simon Noynay would re-design the handsome male kisser from “The Kiss” into an altogether more alien and Mr. Spock eared creature of “The Bite” to […]

Democratic Design at laFraise

Get those voting fingers at the ready and vote, vote, vote. No I’m not talking about picking between marvellous MaCain or outstanding Obama (I don’t really know that much about either of these chaps, so I’ll leave it at the mediocre alliteration), I’m talking about something that’s altogether more Nicolas Sarkozy: it’s French. LaFraise is […]