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Everything is Awesome

I understand that there’s a point in life when you really shouldn’t be reading children’s literature, but Dallas Clayton’s ‘An Awesome Book’ is so….erm….awesome, that I’d be happy to see sharp business men and brain surgeons alike carrying a copy proudly under their arm, and reading it whilst they commute to work/stop for a coffee/wait […]

HungerBirds Are Go

Remember that present you always wanted but never got in your childhood days of Christmas? That one gift you’d waited for all year long. You’d scribbled it down on the list, then folded it in half, sealed it with a kiss and sent it up the chimney to Lapland, but come Christmas morning and a living room full of […]

Christmas Closing Dates

Last date for ordering promotional clothing before Christmas will be Monday 17th December (subject to order size and complexity). If you do need screen printing or embroidery before Xmas, we really do advise you get in touch ASAP. Indigo have just spent the weekend in Helsinki, Finland, on our annual sales conference and we caught […]

Merry Christmas

It is time to go home, turn off the lights, pick up all the bottles of wine and ‘Quality Street’ and juggle them on the train whilst dodging all the little kids that have come into work with ‘Daddy’ in the City, an old tradition around here. Just a quick reminder, we’ll be running a […]