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Text and Tee from Threadless Designers

The brief: “to create and manipulate text in a way that it becomes the design rather than just being a part of it”. After launching a new design competition, community t-shirt designers from Threadless have united text and image, and the results are beautiful. With phrases like ‘A Piece of Cake‘, and ‘Pigeons are Rats with Wings’, […]

Democratic Design at laFraise

Get those voting fingers at the ready and vote, vote, vote. No I’m not talking about picking between marvellous MaCain or outstanding Obama (I don’t really know that much about either of these chaps, so I’ll leave it at the mediocre alliteration), I’m talking about something that’s altogether more Nicolas Sarkozy: it’s French. LaFraise is […]

Firefox 3 T-Shirt Design Competition

After telling you about the LSE t-shirt competition, we have found another one, this time to promote Firefox 3, the new browser from Mozilla, the makers of the open source rival browser to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Top prize wins: Worldwide recognition for designing the official Firefox 3 T-Shirt featured in the Mozilla Store. A free […]

LSE T-Shirt Competition

London School of Economics (LSE), where our very own Ed Mitala (Indigo accounts guru) studies, has a t-shirt design competition and the winning design wins a £100 and gets to see their design sold in the Union shop. I assume the competition is only open to LSE students but this is a great idea and […]