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Animal Farm

Hybrid animals could be looked at as a form of animal kingdom creativity. Why have two separate animals when you could mix two and create one? With artistic vision and a splash of linguistic license, real life animal cross-breeding has resulting in the fantastic sounding ‘liger’, a cross between a lion and tiger, and the ‘yakalo’, a […]

Not so Baby Cakes

All the best things start off in small packages. I’m thinking along the lines of inflatable rubber rings, tents and build-it-yourself furniture. Then there are those things that start off small and stay small because they’re so perfect that way: like sushi. They may now be specialists in music, design and parties, but BabyCakes all […]

Text and Tee from Threadless Designers

The brief: “to create and manipulate text in a way that it becomes the design rather than just being a part of it”. After launching a new design competition, community t-shirt designers from Threadless have united text and image, and the results are beautiful. With phrases like ‘A Piece of Cake‘, and ‘Pigeons are Rats with Wings’, […]

Klimt, Spock and Kissing

When Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt painted his iconic work, “The Kiss” in the Vienna Art Nouveau movement, I’d chance it to guess that he wasn’t anticipating that Oddica artist Simon Noynay would re-design the handsome male kisser from “The Kiss” into an altogether more alien and Mr. Spock eared creature of “The Bite” to […]

Music, Design and some rather lovely T-shirts

I love an alter ego. All of the most interesting people have double identities – take Marilyn Manson – contemporary American alternative metal musician who composed his stage name by combining the first name of glamorous actress Marilyn Monroe (bit girly?) and the surname of….erm….convicted murderer Charles Mason. But in reality he’s no one more […]

Democratic Design at laFraise

Get those voting fingers at the ready and vote, vote, vote. No I’m not talking about picking between marvellous MaCain or outstanding Obama (I don’t really know that much about either of these chaps, so I’ll leave it at the mediocre alliteration), I’m talking about something that’s altogether more Nicolas Sarkozy: it’s French. LaFraise is […]

Design by Roland

Do you ever wish you were a good designer? Do you put your t-shirt artwork together but are then disappointed when it doesn’t quite look like it did you your mind’s eye? Then you need Roland! Roland is Swedish. He is a pro with over 10 years design experience in a multitude of sectors. He […]

Firefox 3 T-Shirt Design Competition

After telling you about the LSE t-shirt competition, we have found another one, this time to promote Firefox 3, the new browser from Mozilla, the makers of the open source rival browser to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Top prize wins: Worldwide recognition for designing the official Firefox 3 T-Shirt featured in the Mozilla Store. A free […]