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Diamante Printing

Indigo Clothing now offer a smaller quantity option for diamante transfer prints! A fantastic way to stand out from the usual ink print methods – a ‘Tjazzle! A diamante t-shirt print – OK, so not the same impact as a vajazzle, but probably a lot less embarrassing! We can print diamante effects from solid block […]

You Don’t Need a Hood to be in the Hood

Heard of S.I.T.H? It could stand for many things: Sizzling In The Heat…. or Super Igloo: Tremendous Home… or Screaming Invisible Trampoliner Hurt. But (fortunately) what it actually signifies is: Star In The Hood. London’s Tinchy Stryder is not just a pretty face/rapping rapper/musical melody maker who likes to flash around with his S.I.T.H clothes […]