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Halloween doesn’t have to be scary!

The week of Halloween spells the transformation of Frank into Frankenstein’s monster, Derek becoming Dracula, Vera, a Vampire, and Percy going Pumpkin. For one night only everyone tries their best to look as frightening as possible. As I’m not a fan of the seriously scary…even the thought of sitting through The Silence of the Lambs […]

Bit Monsters T Shirt

Dan Cederholm lives in Salem, Massachusetts. He runs a boutique creative agency and I have always been an admirer of his excellent web-design books. Some of the features on the Indigo site are even a direct result of his writing. Dan also produces some screen printed t-shirts which you can order from his SimpleBits shop. […]

If the HAT fits…

With Halloween just around the corner, thoughts have started to turn to fancy dress. Obviously. Neither has it escaped notice that quite a few current ‘fashion’ trends are merely permutations of traditional fancy dress themes, particularly evident when one takes a look at our 21st century bright young things – the Hip And Trendies, or ‘HATs’ […]