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Faking It

Being a faker is underrated in my opinion. I love faking (not important stuff you know, but the little things). Like when you’re having a chit-chat conversation with your hairdresser and she mishears you: ‘Really? You’re a brain surgeon?!!’. There’s the brief pause where I scan the room, making sure there’s no one I know […]

How much do you LV scarves?

I wonder if anyone’s ever asked you the question: what’s the most money you’d pay for a scarf? Would it be £10, £20 or even £50? I’m going to hedge a guess that it wasn’t £490, unless you’re the proud owner of the Stephen Sprouse Rose scarf from Louis Vuitton, the most indulgent scarf out […]

Madonna goes French for Louis Vuitton

Proving that she really is a material girl living in a material world, Madonna has gone and followed in Sean Connery’s footsteps, taking a starring role in the new Louis Vuitton advertising campaign. Madonna pulls out some poses that are a little saucier than Sean’s outdoorsy, unshaven man of the fresh air: ‘There are journeys […]