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Cool Your Jets

Some people are naturally equipped to deal with heat, others do not have this God-given facility. I am one of the latter. When it gets hot, I am perpetually melting. The only place where I become human once more is beneath a cold shower or in a lovingly air-conditioned building. When humidity strikes, and neither […]

Getting Chunky with Knitwear

During the winter months it is natural to crave hot puddings and custard. It’s Mother Nature’s way of helping you to form a flab layer, keeping in all that fatty extra warmth in during those cold days. Just like the birds of the sky above who munch on seeded balls of fat to chub-up for […]

Posh Suits You

It’s time to have a thorough cleanse of any residual laid-back-summer-festival scum. Yes that means wash and comb your hair, use soap, cut off those greying Glastonbury wristbands and have a good scrub because it’s time to get posh. The big-screen remake of Evelyn Waugh’s novel ‘Brideshead Revisited’ has inspired fashion designers to bring out […]

Real Man!

Us girls in the office do tend to bore the men with fake tan, gossip and frocks, so to keep the testosterone balance, we have our alpha male of the office, Stephan! He is often quoted as saying the things he does/eats/wears/watches are ‘real man sh*t’! I couldn’t help notice a  fellow holidaymaker at Gatwick […]