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Big Huge Bags. For all your stuff.

Mary Poppins was the ancient forefather of the practical bag. From her flowery zip-up she could produce anything, lamp stands, kitchen sinks, bottles of vino, probably people. Though if you’ve seen this version of Mary Poppins, perhaps you’d be more frightened of what she might bring out of her bag than before. True, the big […]

Turn T-shirts into Laptop Sleeves

At Indigo, we love t-shirt stories and we love ethical stories so what excitement was to be had when we discovered Hello Rewind, the US based t-shirt reconstruction project that can turn your old t-shirt into a laptop sleeve. Not only are you recycling an old t-shirt into something new and cool, this social enterprise works […]

Recycled Saris from People Tree

If you’re interested in ethically attiring yourself, People Tree are among the specialists. Since 2001 (in the UK), People Tree have pioneered exclusive fashion with fair-trade standards, offering quality and style alongside genuine ethical principles. Their products have consistently matched their stringent policies. The world of ethical fashion has always been interested in recycled fabric, so it’s […]

Carry a Book

I always think that February is the best time for a good read. The excitement of Christmas is well and truly over, it’s cold, spring feels a long long way away. Being a stickler for re-reading my favourite books over and over again, I always try to use February to find new ones and break the […]

Just Junk or Fashion Phenomenon? Recycled Couture.

Couture fashion reminds me of going to an art gallery and walking around some strange exhibitions, liking them, but not knowing quite why. Recycled couture is my favourite (gazing with awe upon the versatility of an empty can of Dr. Pepper never ceases to disappoint) and Gary Harvey’s collection of recycled wonders from London Fashion […]