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Oxfords Street

Don’t be fooled by the sudden shift to sunshine. It’s April remember the….drip, drip, drop little april showers. A sure fire way to encourage the rain to return happens when Brits slip into their flip-flops before April is out. It might well be warm, your feet might be dying to smell the air, you might […]

Summer? or Autumn?

I don’t mean to be depressing, but this summer’s been a bit of a washout so far. True, the grass has never looked greener and thankfully we don’t have to worry about any hose pipe bans, but the umbrella has taken precedence over the parasol, and the wet-weather-gear over the flip-flops. Instead of dwelling on […]

Go Shorty

Speaking on behalf of the shorter creme-de-la-creme of the population, it’s time to be short and be proud. Well, maybe I’m not quite speaking about height, but in the fashion stakes this summer being short is big news. A couple of summers ago wearing a pair of shorts would have been a no-go, it was […]

Kling: Spain do more than Flamenco

Over the summer months herds of British sun-seekers typically flock to bathe under Spanish skies, where warm weather and sunshine is usually a little more stable than it is over here. Spain might be an ideal sun spot, but thanks to outfitters like Kling, it’s becoming a fashion hot spot too. You’re going to love […]


The first time you see these you’ll probably do a double-take. Ever feel that denim is just too heavy to walk around in? Do your favourite pair of jeans become much less appealing on a warm summer day? Have you got the guts to wear something a bit weird? If the answer to all these […]

Recycled Saris from People Tree

If you’re interested in ethically attiring yourself, People Tree are among the specialists. Since 2001 (in the UK), People Tree have pioneered¬†exclusive¬†fashion with fair-trade standards, offering quality and style alongside genuine ethical principles. Their products have consistently matched their stringent policies. The world of ethical fashion has always been interested in recycled fabric, so it’s […]

Colour Prediction for Spring & Summer 2008

According to Vogue, one of this season’s most fashionable colours is lilac (sugary shades). Alberta Ferretti explains the appeal of lilac, ‘Lilac is a romantic colour. It is sophisticated but also populist; it lets you dare without being loud, you can be noticed without being glaring.‘ Lilac personally reminds me of childhood! Here at Indigo, […]