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The 1970s

The 1970s. So much to love. Anita Ward bellringing. The original and best platform shoe. Sideburns. Cinema horror classics Don’t Look Now and The Wicker Man. Everyone dancing like this……. And now you can relive all the golden days with a click of the finger, as you virtually surf your way back in time to […]

Go Shorty

Speaking on behalf of the shorter creme-de-la-creme of the population, it’s time to be short and be proud. Well, maybe I’m not quite speaking about height, but in the fashion stakes this summer being short is big news. A couple of summers ago wearing a pair of shorts would have been a no-go, it was […]

A little bit of old fashioned glamour

Want to visit a 1930s style fashion boutique, but you’re just a) to busy to travel to some European style capital or b) don’t have the technological equipment required to travel approx 80 years back in time? Thankfully for you Atelier-Mayer have tapped into these widespread difficulties, and after some careful designing have resurrected a […]

1976 T-Shirt

Vintage t-shirts are still fasionable and as usual Scott Hansen’s newsletter sparked my curiousity, his designs for both t-shirts and posters are so distinctive. This 1976 tee is available in 3 retro designs, printed on the American Apparel Heather Grey Tri-blend; just $23.