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Getting Chunky with Knitwear

During the winter months it is natural to crave hot puddings and custard. It’s Mother Nature’s way of helping you to form a flab layer, keeping in all that fatty extra warmth in during those cold days. Just like the birds of the sky above who munch on seeded balls of fat to chub-up for […]

Tights: The Selection Box for Legs

Texture, colour and pattern. No, it’s not your new wallpaper, it’s this winter’s twist on a pair of tights. The days of simply wearing black/nude/woollen tights to keep your legs warm and toasty are gone. This season it’s all about the statement leg. Pattern is a great way to grab attention, and if you want […]

Colours for Autumn/Winter 2005

For the fashion conscious amongst you that need to keep up with this seasons new colours, Fashion-Era have the latest list of what’s hot, and what’s not, this Autumn: Autumn 2005 – Winter 2006 colour palette includes :- purple, aubergine, navy, midnight blue, hyacinth, ultra violet… teal blue, peacock, turquoise, duck egg, azure … rose […]