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When is it too early to send out Christmas cards?

I got a touch of Christmas fever 3 weeks ago……yes I love Christmas! I think it’s more the shopping for the gifts and the thought of all the clothing I’ll be receiving. So, 3 weeks ago I hand made all my Christmas cards for friends and family which are now bundled up on a shelf in my bedroom waiting to be posted. So, when do I post the cards? This is my dilemma, as in my excitement I would have loved to post them 3 weeks ago, but thought that maybe it would be too early….and now I find myself wanting to make adjustments to the cards and waiting for 30 November 2005 to post them out! I’ve chosen December 1st to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to my mates, but just for Indigo blog readers, lemmie say: Merry Christmas………..enjoy the cold!