Indigo Clothing

Denim revolution

“Denim is everywhere, denim is the new urban uniform and B&C is proud to offer you this strong business opportunity”

Denim is a wardrobe staple for all, and until now it has been relatively overlooked in the promotional market. B&C have ‘jeaniously’ launched the most on trend denim styles the industry has ever seen. Gone are shapeless standard stonewashed shirts and we welcome dip-dye sweats in denim hues, ladies and men’s fitted fashionable shirts and jackets, a range of denim tees and hoods, and some superb unusual accessories including a denim bow tie, denim bag and denim espadrilles. We expect this range to sell out so please enquire early.

Ladies dip dye off the shoulder sweat

Ladies and Men’s collarless bomber jackets

Denim bow tie