Indigo Clothing

Felicity Hilton de Jour???

Hello hello, I am Felicity – variously known as Flea, Flick, Flicko, Wee-Wee and, somewhat unfortunately, Titty (minds out of the gutter, people – she’s a character from ‘Swallows & Amazons’). Perhaps I shall style myself as a cross between Perez Hilton and Belle de Jour, only less bitchy and definitely much less saucy.

Like Kate, I am new to the blogging scene and I’m delighted to be setting sail to Blogland on the good ship Indigo. Amongst other things, I imagine I’ll be writing about:

LUCKY YOU! Don’t be fooled into thinking I’m an airhead though – I am actually quite smart, and hope to infuse my posts with something vaguely resembling insight.

A little about me: I work in a super children’s publishers in London. I live with three ace housemates in Tooting (the social hub of south-west London, I’ll have you know). I have two older sisters. My parents play A LOT of golf. I love food. My friends and I converse using a lot of abbrevs. I think Denmark is pretty much the coolest country in the world. I believe a cup of tea drastically improves any situation. I have exceptionally middle-aged taste in music. I love Good Housekeeping magazine. A boozy dinner is my social situation of choice.

So that’s me, reader. Here’s to a fruitful blogging life – huzzah!

Me with my friend Sabrina munching on my bulging bicep, built on a hearty diet of sausage and mash.