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Not Just a Pretty Scarf

The scarf is a potent force in winter wardrobes worldwide. With the ability to multi-task as both a functional neck warmer and a fashion accessory it is sometimes taken for granted. But this season the scarf is pulling out all the stops with a variety of prints and styles. If you want your scarf to say ‘style’, then you should really be splashing the cash with this leopard print Roberto Cavalli creation. It’s long, it’s silky and it’s animalistic.

Just like a real leopard

Tie it around your neck and strut down the pavements with an excessively long stride so that it floats behind you in the breeze. If you’d rather your scarf said ‘dotty’ then try this scarf from V&A. It will definitely keep you warm too because though it’s yellow polka-dot, it’s not itsy-bitsy or teeny-weeny, or a bikini for that matter.

If you get bored you can join the dots

Don’t fancy ‘style’ or ‘dotty’ for you scarf searching? Then you must be a ‘knit’ kinda kid. Get this Fairisle scarf from Fat Face for traditional warmth, and if it gets really really cold  you could even opt for something by British designer Giles Deacon. Yep, this guy knows how chilly it can get in the UK so he’s brought out a range of hardcore scarves. Great if you’ve got a large head because wrapped in all this wool it will look very small indeed.

The mother of all scarves