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PASTE a tee onto a tee

Here’s something I’ve not seen before. They say that ingenuity is in simplicity and this t-shirt design by Brooklyn based PASTE is simplicity at it’s most ingenious, or is it? Here Paste’s graphic artist Jason Laurits has designed a t-shirt featuring nothing but a sketch of a…..t-shirt……yes, you heard correctly, on the front. Despite its blatant simplicity, I still can’t get my head around this t-shirt. There are a million questions I could ask: is the t-shirt on the design inspired by the t-shirt itself? Which came first, the design or the t-shirt? Whether you like it or not, the tee on tee is one of the PASTE’s more simplistic designs.

See two tee?

Others include the slightly more adventurous ‘Damn – Girl’ shirt, on which a Jane Austen-style legacy hero casts a flirtatious look at the bee-hind of one of his female companions, and by his comment seems, well what can I say? Rear-ly impressed. Not sure what Austen would have to say about that, but if this indie design soars in popularity perhaps it will be added to the script of the next Pride & Prejudice adaptation, completely changing the characterization of Mr. Darcy for generations to come. I predict outrage. Like it or loath it, you can’t accuse Laurits of failing in his vision to associate his t-shirt line with art, culture and humour.