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Cowgirl and Indian Princess

Design by Humans (DBH) has got some colourful new designs out this week. We particularly like this 'Cowgirl and Indian Princess' by a chap(ess) called…
12th December 2007

Last Exit to Nowhere

Mike, over at Last Exit to Nowhere, dropped us an email last week asking us to checkout his film inspired t-shirt store. We like the…
19th November 2007

The Love Movement

Ropeadope, US boutique t-shirt store, produce different collections each year. Check out their latest, The Love Movement. They also are running a sale on the…
21st September 2007

Higher Higher

Saw this new standard competition winner tee on Threadless's latest newsletter and thought it was v. fun!
3rd July 2007

Fat American

Not being rude about a person across 'the pond' with the title of this post but referring to who have 3 new t-shirt designs…
18th June 2007

Kindred Tees

Another review of a US t-shirt web store, this time a brand called Kindred, whose surrealistic, pioneer-inspired collection is some of the most original stuff…
14th December 2006