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It Hat to be a Hat

Dublin is almost tropical in climate right now, and as it’s most certainly Autumn, I’m pleasantly surprised. The plus side is that I’m still wearing peep-toe sandals (without socks, I’ll just clarify that). The down side is that, with more than your average number of bad-hair days, I would quite like to squish my locks into a wooly hat. I’m a low maintenance kind of person, but it’s just not cold enough. There are still short sleeves going on here. As the nights draw in and the winter months loom I’m assured that the cold isn’t too far away, so I can justify that investing in a winter hat is not a purely frivolous move, despite the exotic Irish climate. Though that said, investing in one of these hats…well, it might be quite frivolous actually….

The hat I’m talking about is this vunderburger wooly from Lazy Oaf.

The Burger King

Layered with lettuce, tomato and cheese, its no wonder that he’s smiling a big burgery smile on his little face. As the Lazy Oaf warns, “Be prepared – you’ll look sooo tasty people might try a take a bite out of your head!” which are definitely wise words of caution. Possible head bitage might be a worry too much for some of you, but if you’re feeling burgery brave, I’m sure that pre-ordering this hat will keep you warm as the nights get colder and winter looms.

If you’d prefer something a little more classical, I’m thinking nineteenth-century classical, then the baker-boy hat might be your perfect match. This one from Goorin makes me want to sing this song, but I think that if you’re in London over winter – it could really work.

Baker Boy

Dickens would certainly encourage it. But if you prefer rustic countryside to Dickens remakes, the more stylish flat-cap will be your best friend this winter. Old-man cool is always in style…always.

For the Ladies, there are also some very dramatic hats knocking about. If you’re feeling wintery and theatrical, then why not accessorize this net beret by Helene Berman with some red lipstick. You’ll certainly attract attention. Alternatively, you could use it for preventing pesky mosquito bites, casting some really cool shadows over your face if you stand in the right light, looking fierce, and/or catching fish. Whoever said that hats are only for your head?

Net-faced-beret by Helene Berman

Lastly, but by no means the shrinking violet of woolies, the ‘Bobble’ is big news in winter hat world 2009. Apparently, the bigger your Bobble, the better. But if I’m going to go in for the Bobble this winter then I’ll be Bobbling around in a People Tree hat. I think that this particular Bobble is almost as big as half of my face, but that means it will be perfectly proportional in the fashion stakes, and hopefully will not result in any neck-ache whatsoever, just perfect toasty warmth and maximal bad-hair-day coverage.

Big and Bobbly

Whether burgers, baker boys, flat caps, net faces or big Bobbles are your perfect hat match, I wish you a long, happy and most importantly: a warm headed winter of togetherness.