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Notes from Paris Un: Hats and all that Flap

Being a dedicated style seeker, I decided it was in your best interests for me to take a trip to the style capital of the world: Paris. Now, when going on a solely fashion research trip it is necessary to make sure you spend lots of time sipping French cocktails, walking along the River Seine with a pair of style-hunting binoculars, gawping through the windows of Cartier at the sparkly diamonds and erm, going to look at the nativity scene in Notre Dame Cathedral.

Well maybe my trip wasn’t really in the name of fashion after all, but that doesn’t mean that my eyes weren’t peeled when wandering around those Parisian streets. So here I bring you a three part series of my style observations from a wintry Paris:

To start at the top, the hat is quite a big deal for the French folks right now, and surprisingly enough it’s not the beret. No, no, no, get your wings at the ready because France is all about the flap hat. Now don’t get in a flap, because though this hat might not seem very glam it is ultra laid-back stylish. The flap hat is sometimes also referred to as the ‘trapper hat’, maybe that’s because they usually have some chin tying device at the bottom which would trap the jaw. No chattering in these hats when they’re buckled. The big flap about these hats is probably because they’ll make your face look pretty nice. With a big hat, the gaze is directed to the contours of the visage making you look all chiseled and cheekbonish. Phwooar. So transform yourself in snap with a Firetrap flap.

Flap that Hat

It boasts a snugly lining and the essential jaw ties, so if you tie them up there’ll be no talking for you, you’ll just have to use those newly defined face-bones to smoulder like a homme/femme fatale. These toasty warm hats are also very nice gifts for the little ones in your life. Rather disturbingly this is something the Russian Military and Outdoor outfitters have picked up on. So if you can just envisage your nephew/niece as a Russian soldier, get them a Russian Army Flap Hat. Suffice it to say; I did not see any of these in Paris.