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Plastic Fantastic

Best letter of the alphabet? It has to be ‘K’. For starters it looks fantastically angular, can be written uniquely in each style of handwriting – so it’s personal, and some of the most wonderful people have names which begin with this letter. Of course I’m talking about Keith Chegwin, Kanye West and Keira Knightly….cough cough cough, not myself! If you think you know of a better letter then feel free to fight back. Otherwise you could show some allegiance to the alphabet with one of these spangly necklaces from Anna Lou of London. I’m wearing the ‘K’ in black, but if a peach ‘T’ is more your cup of…tea, or a white ‘S’, like the winter snow, then take your pick. But I think secretly we all know and accept that ‘K’ is the leading letter:


Since Anna Lou is of London, she also loves to make her plastic accessories Britalicious. The Queen’s Head earrings and Corgi Brooch are my particular favourites, and would be ideal Christmas gifts for any friends who live overseas. Particularly friends who dislike Britain…there’s nothing like a good bit of patriotism in the face of banterous hostility is there now? I’m just hoping for a Gordon Brown range to come out; did you know, he’s gone a little bit gangsta, rap bling these days has G-Brown…

Guess who has a Royal Corgi..............

............that's right! The Queen!