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Socks Appeal

Once upon a time, everyone used to get socks for Christmas, and everyone used to give socks for Christmas. Christmas became synonymous with ‘socks’ and because of this the sock ended up getting a bad reputation. Christmas gifts were too predictable, people were getting bored. Their toes might have been warm, but there was no longer an element of surprise in unwrapping sock-shaped gifts. Sock-stitchers tried in vain to make the sock more desirable by bringing out novelty Christmas ranges, but it didn’t work. In fact most people even preferred to wear plain old socks rather than a pair spotted with a flurry of glittery, round puddings. Then with the introduction of other (usually more frivolous) Christmas gift possibilities, the sock became gradually extinct in Christmas gifting. Now and then it still pops up, usually as a ‘joke’ gift to laugh about the predictability of the ‘olden days’ of Christmas past, but as a gift, the sock has slowly shrivelled away into the background…never to be seen again.

It is a tragic tale, especially when you think that the oversized sock/stocking is one of the Christmas traditions we still enjoy each year. So in a campaign to revive the sock from it’s back-of-the-drawer slumber, I’m bringing soxy back. Here are some new sock friends that you might want to make this year.

The cutting edge of style, recommended by none other than Vogue, is the ‘iridescent pop-sock’ which adds ‘coquettish fun’ to your sock draw. For these socks to work, you need bare legs, skyscraper heels/wedges and the courage to wear them during the ‘cocktail hour’, optionally garnished with a slice of lemon. Yes your bare legs might be cold, and no the pop-sock doesn’t really offer woolly warmth – but the sock is changing, it’s stylish and that means that it isn’t always completely practical.

Sock Candy

The next sock in line could be called the sock from the future. Heat Sox are socks which need a battery because they are foot-ovens. This sock knows what it means to be a sock…grrrrrrr. They may on the pricey side, and they might not be super dooper stylish, but c’mon, you can control the heat from low to high! And just in case you are a little bit concerned about having electronic feet (perfectly understandable of course), the manufacturers offer their customers reassurance that they have used a low amperage to eliminate the possibility of shocks and burns. Safety first.

Socks from the Future

Finally, we have the winning combination of style and warmth within a sock-concept. When wearing these you won’t have to worry about chilly bare legs or be concerned about about your voltage. These guys are hardy and strong. They have an edge of Christmas, a splash of practicality and a slice of ‘I could wear you forever and ever, come here’. You’ll get attached. With bobbles and reindeer, these Nordic socks by Urban Outfitters aren’t just socks, they’re slipper socks: yes! both a slipper and a sock. The design and colour scheme oozes Christmas in Oslo. Socktacular.

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