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Button up Denim

What would we do without denim?

I have thought about this many times. According to Professor Wikipedia, denim is: ‘a rugged cotton twill textile, in which the weft passes under two (twi- “double”) or more warp threads.’ Sounds complicated, that’s the science of denim. And as all the best things in life (le macaron, the expression ‘sacrebleu!’ and Gerard Depardieu) denim originates from France.

If the only item of denim in your wardrobe is a pair of jeans, something needs to be done. This season is all over the denim shirt. At first I thought ‘Naaah’ but the denim shirt has a certain power. It can turn the ‘Naaah’ into a ‘Oh actually’ and then a positive ‘Mmmm defs’. With all its persuasive techniques, this variation on a theme is hipster springwear at its finest.

J. Crew show how the ladies can wear a ‘boyfriend’ denim shirt with a nip and tuck for subtle tailoring. In other words, it looks like your wearing boyfriend’s shirt…but better.

Men have the handy advantage of not having to borrow mens clothes, they just wear them. And this pale shirt by denim experts Levis has a perfectly worn-in look, as well as two handy chest pockets for all you storage needs.

But if your looking for something a little bit different, then that might be the Wrangler hooded denim shirt. Combining hood with denim, this shirt has popper buttons and a zip and rolled up sleeves. Everything you could ever want.

These shirts comes with one health warning. Don’t overdenim like Britney and Justin did: