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Online Vector T-Shirt Software

We often get asked, “What is the best software to use when designing for t-shirt printing?”. Our standard answer is that one should look no further than Adobe Illustrator, the industry standard vector software. The key thing is, for quality screen printing, we need vector artwork (as opposed to raster artwork made in programmes like […]

Photoshop Tutorial

Layers Magazine has an excellent tutorial by Jeff Finley, on how to create a t-shirt design with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in vector graphics. We particularly like the section about preparing your artwork for screen printers: “Now that the design is created, what do you do with it? In most cases as a designer, you […]

Illustrator CS2

We have just taken the plunge and upgraded our vector artwork software to Adobe Illustrator CS2. Originally we have been working on CS1 and v10 but more and more clients are sending things through in CS2 and Adobe doesn’t allow you to open CS2 files in CS1. You can get around this by exporting to […]