Hoodies Guide

If you’re seeking a versatile, personalised clothing option, look no further than our line of customisable hoodie sweatshirts. Our high-quality hoodies are the perfect casual clothing item: they’re cosy and stylish, and you can wear them wherever the day takes you. The hoodie has long been an article of clothing that embodies both comfort and fashion. Zip them up or pull them on: we offer a wide range of classic hoodies from top brands, in both men’s and women’s sizes and styles. We can customise your hoodies to suit your needs: they’re a great fit for employee uniforms, sports teams, corporate events or prizing.

Indigo is committed to providing our customers with high-quality customised clothing that is built to last. Our screen printed hoodies are carefully produced to ensure your chosen design appears exactly as you want it, and the printing holds up for the long haul. Screen printing for hoodies is an ideal method for large designs and logos, and the screen printing technique results in a superior print job that lasts. Choose from a variety of colours for your hoodie design or logo. You can read more about our screen printing process. At Indigo, we are dedicated to bringing your customised hoodie idea to life.

For stylish designs that last the lifetime of the item, we offer embroidery stitched hoodie designs. Embroidery is a long-lasting, high-quality method for customising hoodies, and it’s the perfect application for heavier fabrics, such as hoodie sweatshirts. A full range of colours is available for hoodie embroidering, and the end result is a durable item with an upscale look. At Indigo, we digitise your design or logo for use by our computerised embroidery machines, to ensure consistency in the design and the highest quality application. Get more information about our customised embroidery services, and obtain a pricing quote on embroidered hoodies on our embroidery page.

Hoodies come in a range of styles, fits and colours, and at Indigo we strive to offer a full collection of stylish, premium hoodies to serve as the base for your customised design. We work with top apparel brands to bring you articles that are both on-trend and durable, so they look sharp and are built to last. We provide customisation of high-quality American Apparel hoodies made of a cosy cotton fleece/polyester blend, offered in both men’s and women’s sizes and an array of colours. Our lightweight Anvil full zip hooded sweatshirts are perfectly suited for stylish athletic wear. Indigo offers a wide variety of AWDis hoodies in a range of colours and styles, for a hip take on the casualwear trend. We can help you find the ideal product to suit your needs, and we’re committed to providing the highest quality customised design for your stylish, practical branded hoodies.

Indigo’s premium customised hoodie sweatshirts are the ideal solution if you’re in search of high-quality, high-impact branded apparel. Browse our full selection of stylish hoodies below, and get in touch with our knowledgeable staff for a custom quote on your hoodie design.