Don’t stress about the small stuff

Does the idea of designing branded merch, managing an online store and sorting out the distribution process feel all a bit much? Don’t let the thought put you off. Here at Indigo we have the solution – we can handle everything so you don’t have to. Tapping into that revenue stream couldn’t be easier.

Market worthy products

We can help you choose the best products to promote to your fans.

Store Management

We can handle the backend of your shopify. Ensuring your site is always up to date.

Stellar customer service

We can dispatch items on your behalf in branded postal bags.

Product ideas

We work with a range of Influencers from TikTok stars ByteHouse to fitness enthusiast Courtney Black. Our sole aim is to help you grow your brand and hit your business goals.


Bringing your brand to life through apparel.

We've worked with TikTok stars Bytehouse on branded apparel.


Bringing your brand to life through sportswear.

We've worked with social media star Courtney Black to build her revenue streams.


Bringing your brand to life through accessories.

We've worked with professional chefs to diversify their offering.


Bringing your brand to life through an online store.

Choose products for your customer base. Go greener with ethical / eco products & organic cotton apparel.