Customised Gift Boxes

Customised Gift Boxes

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Example Customised Gift Boxes

Work From Home (WFH) Gift Box
Thank You Gift Box
Christmas Gift Box
New Home Gift Box
Hotel Welcome Gift Box

Customised Gift Box Process

Custom Gift Box Design Process

Customised Gift Box Video

Take your brand’s gift-giving to the next level with a customised gift box from Indigo Clothing. We provide luxury, branded clothing that will leave your clients and staff alike feeling spoiled. No matter what the occasion, budget, or target group is, our bespoke gift boxes are the perfect way to make sure your brand stands out.

Combine your company logo with the names of each recipient to make your clients, employees and coworkers feel as important to your company as they are! Whether you’re setting up a meeting, holding a webinar, or celebrating the completion of a successful project, make a personal connection by tailoring gifts to each attendee. Say thank you to all of your employees and professional relations by sending a fully personalized gift – choose the gift wrap, a customized delivery box, and you can even leave a personal note!

Here at Indigo Clothing, we are committed to providing premier gift boxes that will boost company morale, leaving you with none of the logistical or organizational hassles. With years of customised clothing and merchandise experience under our belts, we are experts in creating gift boxes that have a truly luxurious feel. Just leave it to us – we’ll have the lucky recipients of your gifts smiling from ear to ear!

* Minimum quantity to create your own gift boxes is 25 pcs