Eco friendly products

Here at Indigo Clothing we are always striving to improve our service and the products we offer. One area we have dedicated a lot of our focus on has been sourcing sustainable clothing and eco friendly products. We want our clients to be able to make a greener choice when it comes to custom clothing and branded merchandise. 

We can supply products made out of a range of sustainable fabrics and materials. Take a look at some of our best selling eco friendly products below. This list is not exhaustive. Get in touch with us to discover our wider sustainable product range.

Bamboo products

Bamboo is often labelled as the ‘world’s most renewable material’. It is a highly sustainable plant as it grows at a far more rapid rate than other trees… This makes it a super sustainable alternative due to its naturally renewing properties. Also, pesticides and chemicals aren’t required when harvesting bamboo. We have worked with our supplier network to source a range of bamboo centric blank products ready for customisation. Ranging from ecoffee cups to cutlery and sustainable clothing. 

Recycled materials

We also offer eco friendly products made from recycled materials. Merchandise made from recycled paper, metal, or glass are granted a new lease of life. Our most popular recycled products cover a range of stationary.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is made from natural seeds (not GMO), and there is no use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals – therefore it is more environmentally friendly. We can supply a range of organic cotton clothing: t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags to name a few. 

Sustainable printing methods 

Indigo clothing can offer a direct to garment (DTG) green printed method which utilises digital “waterless” printing. And water based screen printing can be requested for large volume orders (+200 items). When placing an order please request sustainable printing methods. 

Indigo Clothing also support the use of ethically made t-shirts and garments made in WRAP certified factories. You can find more details out about the certification here.


Eco packaging

We are currently working on offering eco friendly packaging to our clients. Our aim is to make the move away from poly bags. 


Looking for something in particular?

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients. If you have a particular requirement call us on 0800 061 2207 or request an online quote to see how we can support your requirements.