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Getting Chunky with Knitwear

During the winter months it is natural to crave hot puddings and custard. It’s Mother Nature’s way of helping you to form a flab layer, keeping in all that fatty extra warmth in during those cold days. Just like the birds of the sky above who munch on seeded balls of fat to chub-up for […]

Transit Antenna

$Fat American$ today launch their Fundraising T-shirt Project with the release of the first in a series of shirts whose purpose it is to “keep the dream alive”. 100% of the profits from this shirt will go directly to the travelling art collective Transit Antenna. These guys always make cool tees, I am sure we […]

Fat American

Not being rude about a person across ‘the pond’ with the title of this post but referring to fatamerican.tv who have 3 new t-shirt designs to look at on their newly redesigned website. I love the model photos taken by Wheat Wurtzburger of homeless people wearing their t-shirts. I bought one of their t-shirts (Sweatshop) […]