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Darsh at the Ashes victory parade, Summer 2005 Most Indigo clients over the past year will have spoken with Darshana, the head of our client services team, or if they haven’t, ‘Darsh’ will have been working behind the scenes, over seeing the most minute details of all customer accounts. It is with great sadness that […]

Skype – Rush Job

We like to think we work with cool comapnies and it doesn’t get cooler than Skype at the moment – the internet telephony web service that used VOIP technology to offer free phone calls. We just handled a rush job of Slazenger jackets with their logo on. Everyone seems to be talking about Skype at […]

Kitten Parasites

Last week I met with Bill Griffin and Phil Corbett, the people behind the deliciously eccentric Kitten Parasites brand. We printed up their t-shirts which they are currently selling on their web shop and during their whistle-stop tour in London they have already managed to get their shirts into a major retail chain.

T-Shirt Stores

Always keeping an eye on the latest t-shirt stores with their limited edition, uber-cool screen printed wares is not one of the most tiresome tasks in life but it is made easier by a collection of handy blogs such as TeeJunkie, PreShrunk and Josh Spear (see the blogroll for more). Each time an interesting global-micro-brand […]

Skwat launch new t-shirt range

The Belgium t-shirt store Skwat has re-launched, offering exclusive t-shirts, stickers and e-cards. Kenza, the owner, works hard and has some great designs. More pics on Skwat’s flickr page. Well worth a visit if you like both flash web-design and printed tees with an Apple Mac/Japanese twist.