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J Crew lands in London!

Following in the footsteps of Abercrombie and Victoria Secrets, J Crew is the latest US brand to set up on UK Shores. May saw a temporary pop up store, and late 2013 J Crew will launch their first permanent store outside of the USA – in a prime spot on London’s Regent Street. The brand […]

Kling: Spain do more than Flamenco

Over the summer months herds of British sun-seekers typically flock to bathe under Spanish skies, where warm weather and sunshine is usually a little more stable than it is over here. Spain might be an ideal sun spot, but thanks to outfitters like Kling, it’s becoming a fashion hot spot too. You’re going to love […]

Recycled Saris from People Tree

If you’re interested in ethically attiring yourself, People Tree are among the specialists. Since 2001 (in the UK), People Tree have pioneered¬†exclusive¬†fashion with fair-trade standards, offering quality and style alongside genuine ethical principles. Their products have consistently matched their stringent policies. The world of ethical fashion has always been interested in recycled fabric, so it’s […]

Coco Chanel Cinema

Costume is essential to any film-making process, but these days its often the clothes that outshadow the acting. You only need to take a swift glance over your DVD shelf to see James Bond’s sharp suits, Sex and the City’s…well everything about Sex and the City, and of course, my personal favourite, the ‘Stay Puft’ […]