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Latest celeb to launch a clothing line

So what can’t Pharrell Williams do!? Produce, rap, dance and now design clothes! Last Wednesday saw the launch of his two new clothing lines Billionaires Boys Club and Ice cream. So far only Harvey Nicholls has the exclusive stock! According to Pharrell the inspiration for the first collection came from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s […]

Grumpy Ghosts

Not sure about the fella with the beard but this ‘Grumpy Ghosts‘ t-shirt from Black Sea Apparel is worth a second look. A nice bright cyan with white front print onto an American Apparel tee. Simplicity is king. Black Sea Apparel (BSA) is hosted on the Downtown Rivals network, a US company that provides web […]

I listen to bands

The tee shirt “I Listen To Bands…” has been reprinted at Threadless.com: http://www.threadless.com/product/917/I_Listen_To_Bands Perfect Christmas present for all you ‘indie boys’ that walk around Camden (London district) with your trousers pulled down so low we can see your Homer Simpson boxer shorts!