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Using Posterous for testimonials

Here at Indigo, the customer services team are often delighted to get testimonials and thank you messages from happy clients via email. The challenge was how could we quickly publish the testimonial to our website, twitter (@indigo) and Facebook (Indigo FB page)? Also, how could the customer services team member do this themself without asking […]

Twitter gets bigger

Being a bit of a techno-phobe, Twitter has been one of those things that everybody is using but I don’t really understand. Over the past few months I’ve been hearing a lot about tweets, but they’ve still largely remained to me the sounds made by small garden birds in summer months. Today however, I have […]

Indigo on Twitter

Twitter seems to be the biggest thing since sliced bread at the moment and Indigo Clothing, always keen to push the boundaries of Internet innovation, has had a twitter account for a while. Now we want you to come on-board and follow us; it is such a great way for us to see what our […]

Getting the point of twitter

Starting to get the point of twitter – some good stuff from those I’m following: CNN Headlines printed on t-shirts on-demand [via tCritic/twitter: karllong] London bike shop Velorution have Bagaboo messenger bags (photos on Flickr) – designed by messengers, very tough, great colours, in stock from £100 [via Velorution/twitter: _velorution] Also, via traditional email this […]