At Indigo Clothing, we are also able to offer a fast and efficient re-labelling service. The manufacturer’s label can be taken out and replaced with your own personalised label, creating a brand which is totally individual. We maintain the highest standards, meaning that the integrity of your brand is in safe hands.

We are happy to keep your labels in stock, for use with future orders.

Label Manufacturing

Indigo Clothing can produce neck labels according to your specifications. Our minimum run is 1000 labels. You can specify the following:

Label Format:

There are three main types of label:

  • Cut Single
  • Loop Fold
  • Each End Fold

Label Type:

There are two types of label:

  • Woven: this produces a premium image and is the type of labels found in branded clothing.
  • Printed: this is often what care instructions and size labels are made from.

Label Size:

Labels can be made in any size but the most common dimensions are:

  • Width: 42 – 46mm
  • Length: 50mm


Pricing for this kind of service is different for each job we do. To give you an idea of costs here is an example job:


100 t-shirts – £1 per label

Label Manufacturing:

  • 1000 labels, One Colour, Single Cut – £215 print, £290 woven
  • 1000 labels, Three Colour, Loop Fold – £250 print, £325 woven

If you are interested in getting a quote for re-labelling or label manufacturing please contact us.