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Supplemental Promotional Clothing Catalogue

Indigo only offers about 300 different products in our online product catalogue. We in fact can supply literally thousands of styles but we believe there is such a thing as too much choice when it comes to promotional catalogues. For example, we can get nearly 200 different t-shirt types or brands from our wholesalers but […]

Organic Cotton Clothing

We have just extended our promotional clothing range by offering organic cotton garments. These are supplied by London based Saf, who make clothing that is “made to exacting standards using quality organic cotton.” We had a good look at their samples and I must say I’m extremely impressed by the quality. In fact, with the […]

Calm before the storm

It has been a pleasant weekend, crammed full of exciting sport and it has been a pleasure to watch England play great cricket in the Ashes, Paula winning the Marathon at the World Championships in Helsinki and the All Blacks beating Australia in the Tri-Nations rugby. Come Monday morning though it will be all hands […]

Pantone book for sale

Indigo have a spare 2005 Pantone formula guide (solid uncoated) still in its plastic wrapping for sale on Ebay. Feel free to bid for it if you need one 😉 Pantone books are vital for colour matching when screen printing. The problem is the colours fade, and they get handled a lot, so it is […]

New Indigo Logo

The sexy new Indigo logo is now being rolled out through the website and all our stationery. We will of course have a go at embroidering it onto some clothes too! The logo was designed by June Lloyd, one of our extremley talented freelance graphic artists who followed our brief of ‘simple and clean’ perfectly. […]

Print Price Plunge

Inspired by the revamping of our t-shirt section, James (expert in Economics, Spanish football and Eastern European city breaks) took a long hard look at our screen printing price breaks. He has added higher volume breaks and reduced the number of price bands at the lower level. More exciting though is that prices have been […]

Cheaper, Better T-Shirts

T-shirt printing is the biggest, if not the most important part of the promotional clothing industry, and when I hear people describing Indigo to their friends, I often hear us being to referred to as t-shirt printers. Not only that, every time we list in a web or printed directory we often have to classify […]

Blitz Mentality

The London terrorist attack of July 7th has resulted in a nervous anxiety cloacking the City and our business is now conducted to the soundtrack of sirens and the backdrop of hi-visibility jackets. Quite a swing in mood from the euphoria of London being awarded the Olympics the day before to the shock that Dickie […]

London Marketing Soiree

The London Marketing Soiree with Seth Godin is on 11th July 2005. I am going to be there with Hugh MacLeod, a client and friend. Indigo make and distribute his limited edition Gapingvoid t-shirt collection. I think it will be fun, and enlightening, so I highly recommend it – feel free to drop in and […]

Hot and Busy Monday

What a mental day! Richard (aka Dickie) has been beavering away in the nook where his desk is, the phone plastered to his ear, fingers whirring over a smoking keyboard. May and June are apparently the busiest time for the promotional clothing industry and combined with the 30-degree temperature, and sub-standard air conditioning system on […]