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Calm before the storm

By 14th August 2005April 11th, 2017No Comments

It has been a pleasant weekend, crammed full of exciting sport and it has been a pleasure to watch England play great cricket in the Ashes, Paula winning the Marathon at the World Championships in Helsinki and the All Blacks beating Australia in the Tri-Nations rugby. Come Monday morning though it will be all hands on deck at Indigo.

August is normally a quiet month in the promotional clothing industry, as more and more of the English take a cue from our continental cousins and depart the cities for more balmy climes. However, a colour process rush job for 500 t-shirts, another rush job for Aldi and a large intial order for a double glazing company means that come 8:30am on Monday morning it will be manic in the office.

I get a buzz out of being busy though and while rush jobs can be stressful, we excel in achieving the tight deadlines that clients and agencies now demand. I would hate it if we spent our days twiddling thumbs and maybe I’m odd, but I am quite looking forward to the haggling for production slots and the batering with wholesalers that tomorrow promises. Bring it on!