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Felicity Hilton de Jour???

Hello hello, I am Felicity – variously known as Flea, Flick, Flicko, Wee-Wee and, somewhat unfortunately, Titty (minds out of the gutter, people – she’s a character from ‘Swallows & Amazons’). Perhaps I shall style myself as a cross between Perez Hilton and Belle de Jour, only less bitchy and definitely much less saucy. Like […]

Hello from Kate

Hello there reader! My name is Kate, and despite being new to the blogging scene (I did at one point think that a blog was a type of porridge) I have thankfully been enlightened and am here to contribute to the Indigo blog. I’ll be able to keep you updated on the cream of the […]

Oldest Blogger?

We blog because we like to tell you what is going on at Indigo, to share the snippets of information we garner from the web and to feature the work of our friends and clients. Olive, from Australia, who is 107 years old, blogs because her friend Mike thinks she has a great story to […]