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Hello there reader! My name is Kate, and despite being new to the blogging scene (I did at one point think that a blog was a type of porridge) I have thankfully been enlightened and am here to contribute to the Indigo blog. I’ll be able to keep you updated on the cream of the fashion world, avoiding complicated haute-couture jargon such as “babushka” which apparently, aside from being a catchy Kate Bush song, is also a diagonally folded, triangular head-scarf which ties beneath the chin; well I never!

At the moment I’m completing my fourth and final year studying English Literature at St. Andrews University in Scotland, where I enjoy living in a house by the sea with a whistling kettle and designing for a small t-shirt company. Aside from a love of kitschy fashion, children’s illustration and folk music, I get excited when the weather goes frosty and I can see my breath and wear winter hats.

I’m terrified of horses, sleep without a pillow and chill my apples for added crunch. My favourite word is ‘jangle’. If I’ve had a really really terrible day I’ll eat peanut butter from the jar with a spoon, and if I could be a shoe I’d be a clog dancer’s clog, just because I could be.

So there are all my vital statistics covered. I’d love to hear what kind of shoe you would be…and next time you see a passer-by wearing a headscarf tied at the chin don’t forget to compliment them on their lovely “babushka”.

This is me

This is me...hello!!!


  • Alex says:

    Great intro Kate – looking forward to all your posts!

  • Jo says:

    Hi Kate…

    An interesting read!!!

    Look forward to hearing more!

  • Lainie says:

    oh how divine, I also, one day, would love to live by the sea with a whistling kettle, altho.. I am not the biggest fan of the cold.. 30degree heat would be lovely thank you!
    great tip on the apple chilling.. mine’s going into the fridge as we speak ;0)
    If i’ve had a bad day I swig champagne from the bottle and if i could be a shoe.. a flip flop.. coz they live the beach bum life!

    Great post, looking forward to the next one! x

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