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H&M Announce Latest Collaboration With Fashion Giant Isabel Marant

Stepping away from the tees and sweat basics, this week  H&M tweeted a teaser from their latest high profile collaboration. This time sees the turn of the  fabulous French fashion house, Isabel Marant. What was different to previous campaigns, was that this wasn’t a shot of a slender catwalk model, but of Marant herself, modelling […]

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Soul II Soul: “A happy face, a thumpin’ bass, for a lovin’ race.”

The late 80’s, early 90’s music charts were dominated by British band Soul II Soul. Whilst music is what we automatically associate with the chart toppers, T-shirts have in fact been an integral part of the brand since their clothing release back in 1990, with a piece of artwork they had designed in 1979! The […]

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Imaginary Outfits: an Introduction

Imagination: The power or capacity to form internal images or ideas of objects and situations not actually present to the senses, including remembered objects and situations, and those constructed by mentally combining or projecting images of previously experienced qualities, objects, and situations. I’d like to introduce you to something my imagination has been working on […]

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Welcome to Autumn

Bonjour mon friends, what’s the haps? As you can probably tell by now the autumn season is upon us, in full swing. Those days when I wrote to you about feeling so hot that I could melt, totally unable to cool my jets in the New York heatwave, seem so distant now, as I write […]

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Look at my Legs

Sometimes it’s a drag wearing tights, but you’ve got to shimmy them on. Especially if you’ve got legs like mine that are whiter than The White House, Washington D.C., U.S.A. If it ever gets warmish in the summer, passers by need shades otherwise it’s hazardous to look directly at my pins; they could blind you. […]

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Faking It

Being a faker is underrated in my opinion. I love faking (not important stuff you know, but the little things). Like when you’re having a chit-chat conversation with your hairdresser and she mishears you: ‘Really? You’re a brain surgeon?!!’. There’s the brief pause where I scan the room, making sure there’s no one I know […]

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Would you ever wear?

In January things can get a little heavy. The snow has stirred up some post-Christmas stress, everyone feels calorie dense, the resolutions didn’t really ever get going and it’s still really cold. So what we all need is a healthy dose of light entertainment, and I’m not talking charades. Let’s play a game of ‘would […]

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Everyone has an Uncle who is Funk

Does everybody have a funky uncle? I’m trying to think about funky things my uncles have done, but struggling to come up with material…does balding count as ‘funky’ these days? I think the ideal funky uncle is a diverse character. He has interests which span agriculture and food, investment, media, time travel and fashion. Thanks […]

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Edible Couture

There are a lot of similarities between pastry chefs and fashion designers. Layers, cutting and construction. Colour, shape and matters of taste. It’s all about creating something that looks beautiful and makes you want it. Sounds like the ideal opportunity for a role reversal? Well that’s just what’s happened. Alex Mabille has created this incredibly […]

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It Hat to be a Hat

Dublin is almost tropical in climate right now, and as it’s most certainly Autumn, I’m pleasantly surprised. The plus side is that I’m still wearing peep-toe sandals (without socks, I’ll just clarify that). The down side is that, with more than your average number of bad-hair days, I would quite like to squish my locks […]

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