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L’Estrange; Dress down Friday’s will never be the same

By 24th April 2015April 11th, 2017No Comments

We have an undeniable love of the hoody. Even during the enjoyable but rare 25 degrees, I found myself researching new and innovative takes on one of our catalogue staples. Whilst in Soho recently, a particular ‘pop up’ caught my eye. I say pop up, this store was scheduled to last 6 weeks and are still going strong 5 months later. Whilst this brand is on a different level to our promotional products, we love the concept here as it superbly highlights¬† the growing trend of casual fusion with contemporary smart wears. These hoodies may set you back just under two hundred pounds, but they have a series of unique additions differentiating them from the competition. Some of these key features include bold inner linings created by the Berwick Street Cloth Makers,¬† suit style pocket squares and tailored cuts to give the perfect unique smart-casual piece! Check their website here for more information.