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Cambridge Hoodies

Did you know Indigo operates two web stores of official University of Cambridge merchandise? One of the most popular items of university stash are hoodies and we have a great Cambridge hoodie designed by Roland, our Swedish graphic designer. At this time of year we are busy printing hoodies for students and leavers but if you are graduating this summer don’t […]

Campus Cool

The new semester is here…….woohoo I hear you cry! So why not be the cool cat on campus by customising your very own slick t-shirt or hoodie for you and your new mates in your corridor. The trend at the moment is pretty much anything goes. We’ve seen the British public sporting huge life like […]

Where’s Your Head At?

Ever wished that you could have a different head? Maybe you’d like the chiseled features of Michelangelo’s David, the wide-eyed elegance of Audrey Hepburn, the winning smile of Barak Obama, Marylin Monroe’s iconic beauty spot or Elvis Presley’s upper lip? You’re not alone, there are times when I would like another head. At the moment I think […]