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Campus Cool

By 4th September 2009April 11th, 2017No Comments

The new semester is here…….woohoo I hear you cry! So why not be the cool cat on campus by customising your very own slick t-shirt or hoodie for you and your new mates in your corridor. The trend at the moment is pretty much anything goes.

We’ve seen the British public sporting huge life like animals over their tight tees and the Americans going for vivid slogans such as: “Real girls eat meat” which was recently sported by Jessica Simpson (hmmmmmmm!). If you’re not a huge meat fan why not opt for the whole being part of a team approach by broadcasting the title and your name on the back of ya top……Uni, where everyone knows your name! The rules are, there are no rules so get customising !

P.S If you want to be liked on campus, please please do not use the words “chickie” and “lickie”! These two words are most uncool and will keep you in looserville throughout the rest of ya educational life!!