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Vitamin C-Shirt

I’m sure we all know the feeling well. It starts with a nose sniffle when you wake up in the morning, then your throat feels a bit dry and before you know it your voice is husky enough to pull an Alaskan snow sled. You’ve got a cold. Though a great excuse to lounge around […]

I listen to bands

The tee shirt “I Listen To Bands…” has been reprinted at Threadless.com: http://www.threadless.com/product/917/I_Listen_To_Bands Perfect Christmas present for all you ‘indie boys’ that walk around Camden (London district) with your trousers pulled down so low we can see your Homer Simpson boxer shorts!

Threadless Store: Chicago

Online t-shirt wizards Threadless have opened a cool looking retail store in Chicago, IL. They’ll launch new tees every Friday and I think it is great idea that their brand has crossed over from the online retail sphere to the bricks-and-mortar one. From the photos it looks like the store has maintained the same quirkiness […]

Threadless Bioshock and Video

Threadless, the US t-shirt competition behemoth, has got some new t-shirt designs out based on the theme of “Descent into Rapture” from a newly awaited computer game called ‘Bioshock‘. Don’t ask us about computer games but I guess Threadless have teamed up with the makers, Irrational Games and 2K and working together are shipping more […]