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The City of London

By 8th November 2005May 25th, 2017No Comments

A New Name In The City by Alan ChanceIf you want to make money, work in the City

My good friend and colleague, Alan Chance (Creative Director at Allison Mitchell) said this to me when I first started work in London. Walking around ‘the Square Mile’ as the City is often known, is an eye-opening experience. Money seems to ooze from the cracks of the well-trodden pavements. It truely feels like you are at the heart of the capitalist beast.

Indigo currently trades from offices on Walbrook, just between Bank and Cannon Street tube stations, in the old Meryll Lynch building (Bucklersbury House). We are surrounded by finanical firms, above, below, left and right of us and so we are a pretty unique outfit, casting a hue of purple in a relatively grey world.